Kano Crab delux plan(11/14~2/17)

What is the Kano-crab?
The Kano-crab is a snow crab caught in coastal ocean of Ishikawa prefecture.
What makes the Kano-crab differnt from regular snow crab is well grown,tender,and textrure of meat.
The blue tag attached to it's claw is the proof of Kano-crab. 


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Premium Plan with Superior Snow Crab

If you are a seafood lover, and Crab is your favorite, winter is the best time to visit Wakura onsen.
Crab fishing starts in early November, when only fresh and bright red snow crabs are being caught from the Sea of Japan in Ishiakwa Prefecture.

You will get to enjoy Snow Crab, boiled, baked, hot pot, crab rice, and soup.

The rate is for an adult.
Some of the ingredients in this menu may be changed due to fishing condition.
This plan is NOT available between December 28th to January 8th.

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