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Stay and Get “Sweets Meguri Tickets” Plan
Go around the shops and cafes and enjoy varieties of sweets in town.

Wakura Hot Springs is well known not only for seafood but for its sweets – chocolates, pastries and confectionaries.
Hotel guests will receive three tickets at check-in to exchange for sweets at designated shops and cafes listed below.
It would be a very delightful time to take a walk around town to taste these delicious treats.
◆◇Designated shops and cafes◇◆
・Bakery Anris
・Confectionary Charbelle
・Noto Milk
・Le Musse De H
・Calm Place Coffee
・Café “Hotto Hitoiki”
★Upon check-in, the brochure that lists the sweets you can exchange with the tickets is provided.
◆◇Plan Privilege◇◆
Upon check-in, you will receive a brochure that lists shops and sweets.
◆◇Plan Privilege◇◆
3 Sweets Meguri Tickets per person

※The Sweets Meguri Tickets are distributed at the front desk upon check-in.
※If the designated sweets items are out of stock, other items would be exchanged.
※Please check the opening and closing hours of each outlet before visiting.
※No refunds for unused tickets.
※The tickets are valid for 2 days after check-in date.
※The plan privilege applies only to adults.

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Stay and Get “Notojima Aquarium Tickets” Plan

Only 20 minutes from Wakura Hot Springs, there’s so much to explore at a special place – Notojima Aquarium!.

Take advantage of a discount booking plan for families, couples, and friends.
You don’t want to miss an exhibit of the world’s largest shark, called “Jinbei Whale Shark” as it is shown on the Sea of Japan.  
Also, the dolphin and sea lion shows are very enjoyable for both adults and children.
There are barrier-free facilities for those with baby strollers or handicaps.
You can visit the Notojima Aquarium’s exhibits and shows all year round.

*The Jinbei Whale Shark Hall “Blue World” is where you’ll see the shark calmly swimming in front of you.
*Feel the sense of presence of taking a walk under the sea through the Noto Kaiyukairo - Circular Excursion
*Enjoy the Fantasy airspace created by lights and mirrors at the art of Jelly fish and light
*Touch dolphins and enjoy the Dolphin and Sea Liion Show
 (Between Dec. 1 and Mar. 19 it is held in the Dolphin training center (indoor))
*Penguins’ Walk
(Depends on Penguins’ condition this exhibit may be cancelled without advance notice)
*Come to the Dolphin paradise!  The biggest tunnel shaped water tank at the aquarium.
*At the water tank, which resembles a Kaleidoscope, you can watch seals from 360-degree perspective.
*Contact and feed animals
*Finally, view the gigantic water tank (7 meters high and 12 meters wide, where schools of fish jut in and out of a kelp bed. The kelp tank is modeled after the tank at Notojima Aquarium’s California sister – the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
◆Opening Hours
3/20~11/30 9:00~17:00、12/1~3/19 9:00~16:30
Admission tickets for the Notojima Aquarium can be arranged at the front desk upon check-in.
(Please kindly note that there are no refunds for unused tickets)
Please refer to the following Notojima Aquarium website for further information.

<Plan Privilege>
Admission Tickets are for guests 3 years old and older (Children 2 years old and under are free of charge)

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For Sashimi lovers! Enjoy 10 kinds of seasonal fresh Sashimi!!

A 10 kinds of seasonal fresh sashimi fish dish is included in the menu (regular sashimi dish is 5 kinds).
≪Special privilege≫
A 10 kinds of seasonal fresh sashimi fish dish
*This plan applies to persons paying for Adult rate.

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Kagaya’s Basic Plan

Beautiful scenery of Nanao bay welcomes you all year round.
We provide you an opportunity to experience Japanese traditions, savour authentic Japanese cuisine, relax in natural Hot Springs and much more.

If you are above 60 years old, you will enjoy 10% discount on the room charge.
Please show your ID upon check-in.

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【Certified Beef - Notogyu】Noto Premium Beef Steak Plan

Included in your meal plan is Ishikawa Prefecture’s local beef brand --“Notogyu”. It is the steak on your dinner menu. 
≪ What’s Notogyu?≫
Only the Japanese black wagyu grown on the green pastures and blue skies of the Noto area of Ishikawa prefecture more than 6 months is certified and ranked A3 grade (one of the highest grades of Japanese Kuroge Cattle). The ranking is based on the amount of marble in the meat.
Because of the limited availability of Notogyu in the markets, it is sometimes difficult to get these steaks.
You will enjoy the lean meat with marbled fat and healthy oleic acid. The taste is truly distinctive and world renowned.  
≪Plan privilege ≫
Noto Premium Beef Steak
※※ Note ※※
The plan privilege is only available for adults. 

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Premium Plan with Superior Snow Crab

If you are a seafood lover, and Crab is your favorite, winter is the best time to visit Wakura onsen.
Crab fishing starts in early November, when only fresh and bright red snow crabs are being caught from the Sea of Japan in Ishiakwa Prefecture.

You will get to enjoy Snow Crab, boiled, baked, hot pot, crab rice, and soup.

This plan applies to persons paying for Adult rate or 70% charge of the adult rate.
Some of the ingredients in this menu may be changed due to fishing condition.
This plan is NOT available between December 27th to January 4th.

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