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【Certified Beef - Notogyu】Noto Premium Beef Steak Plan

Included in your meal plan is Ishikawa Prefecture’s local beef brand --“Notogyu”. It is the steak on your dinner menu. 
≪ What’s Notogyu?≫
Only the Japanese black wagyu grown on the green pastures and blue skies of the Noto area of Ishikawa prefecture more than 6 months is certified and ranked A3 grade (one of the highest grades of Japanese Kuroge Cattle). The ranking is based on the amount of marble in the meat.
Because of the limited availability of Notogyu in the markets, it is sometimes difficult to get these steaks.
You will enjoy the lean meat with marbled fat and healthy oleic acid. The taste is truly distinctive and world renowned.  
≪Plan privilege ≫
Noto Premium Beef Steak
※※ Note ※※
The plan privilege is only available for adults. 

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