■ According to the Fukuoka City Ordinance, it will be as follows per guest per night on April 1, 2020. Accommodation fee less than 20,000 yen 200 yen (including prefectural tax 50 yen) Accommodation fee 20,000 yen or more 500 yen (including prefectural tax 50 yen) * Fukuoka city accommodation tax is not included in the plan price.

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Single Room1 - Non-Smoking 【13~13.5㎡・Double bed】   禁煙

Single Room3 - Non-Smoking 【15.3㎡・Double bed】   禁煙

Single Room1 - Smoking 【13~13.5㎡・Double bed】   喫煙

Single Room3 - Smoking 【15.3㎡・Double bed】   喫煙

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