Term of use for Shukuhaku Net membership

First article (General rule)

1. This Agreement sets forth the program and rules of the Shukuhaku Net Point Membership Service (hereinafter "the Service") that Washington Hotel Corporation (hereinafter "WHC") offers to Service Members (hereinafter "Member") when making reservations at qualifying hotels (hereinafter "Allied Hotel") from the official website operated and managed by WHC.
2. The Member is expected to read this Agreement before joining the Service.

2. Awarding of Points

1. WHC awards Shukuhaku Net Points (hereinafter "Points") to the Member when he/she makes a reservation at an Allied Hotel using the procedure specified by WHC.
2. One (1) Point is tentatively awarded for every one (1) Japanese yen of the 5% of the Allied Hotel's total room charge excluding the consumption tax, after completing the specified procedure.
3. Points are not added to the Member's account if the guest does not check into the Allied Hotel in the reservation.
4. Points are added to the Member's account no later than seventy-two (72) hours from the end of the full stay in the reservation.

3. Point Management

1. WHC displays the number of Points possessed by the Member on the Service website when the Member is making a reservation. The Member's earned number of Points also appears in reservation confirmation e-mails.

4. Prohibited Usages of Points

1. The Member may not transfer, sell or share earned Points to or with other members. Also, Points earned from the Service may not be redeemed as Washington Card points, and vice-versa.

5. Point and Membership Expiration Period

1. All earned Points are automatically removed from the Member's account if the Member does not conduct a qualifying transaction for a period of two (2) years from the date of the last qualify transaction.
2. Membership is automatically cancelled if the Member does not conduct a qualifying transaction for a period of two (2) years from the date that he/she joined the Service or the date of the last qualify transaction.

6. Redeeming Points

1. The Member can exchange his/her Points for separately offered services (hereinafter "Rewards).

7. Rewards

1. The Member may exchange earned Points for the following Rewards.
2. Points are exchanged at a rate of one (1) Point per one (1) Japanese yen.
3. Rewards are redeemed in blocks of 1,000 Points. A minimum of 1,000 Points is required to redeem rewards. Fractions of less than 1,000 Points cannot be used to redeem Rewards.
(1) Points can be used toward the following hotel charges. This requires that specific procedures be followed on the WHC's website when making a reservation.
(2) Points can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards offered and managed at amazon.co.jp.
  (3) Washington Hotel Plaza, R&B Hotels, and the International Hotel Nagoya, can be exchanged for cash. Exchange with cash, at 5,000 points, receipt will be restricted to members like himself. In that case, on the web site to our operations, you will need to sign up for cash back in until 24:00 of receiving the day before.
4. WHC will send a notice to the Member by email each time that the Member earns a redeemable number of Points.
5. The most Points that the Member can redeem at a time is thirty thousand (30,000) and in any given calendar month, one hundred thousand (100,000). Unredeemed Points are carried over to the following month, provided the Points and Membership have not exceeded their expiration periods.

8. Procedure for Redeeming Points

1. The Member can redeem Points from the website operated and managed by WHC.
2. The Member exchanges Points for Rewards at his/her own responsibility. WHC does not cancel or change any transactions once made.
3. If the Member exchanges Points for an Amazon ® gift card, the WHC's point administrator and amazon.co.jp will send a notice containing a gift card number, not the actual card, to the Member's E-mail address on file. The Member is required to register with amazon.co.jp to use Amazon gift cards.
4. Redeemable Rewards at amazon.co.jp are determined by the reward rules and agreements set forth by Amazon Japan KK. WHC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for claims concerning Rewards redeemed from amazon.co.jp.

9. No Cash Exchanges


10. Use by Third Parties

1. Points may be used by the Member only and not by anyone else.
2. WHC treats the person logging onto the website with the correct user ID and password as the Member him/herself.

11. Forfeiture and Termination of Membership

1. If the Member no longer qualifies for Membership, he/she forfeits all earned Points, rights to redeem Rewards, and any and all other rights afforded by the Service.
2. WHC may at its own discretion terminate membership and deduct any and all earned points, without prior notice to the Member, if the Member does any of the following.
(1) Breaks the law or commits any incorrect act.
(2) Violates this Agreement or any other agreements or rules stipulated by WHC.
(3) Commits any other act that WHC judges deserved of deducting Points.

12. Protection of Personal Information

1. WHC manages the personal information provided by the Member according to the Privacy Policy posted on the WHC's website, which includes using said information for sending product information, questionnaires and prizes to the Member, in addition to providing this Service.

13. Changes to This Agreement

1. WHC will post any changes to this Agreement or Service (hereinafter "Changes") on the website operated and managed by WHC.
2. The Member is deemed to have agreed with Changes of the preceding clause if he/she uses the Service after said Changes have been posted on the WHC's website.
3. If the Member does not agree with changes, he/she will be treated as having canceled his/her membership and will forfeit any earned Points.

14. Modification, Interruption or Discontinuation of Services

1. WHC may modify or temporarily interrupt this Service without prior notice to the Member.
2. WHC may interrupt for an extended period of time or discontinue this Service by notifying the Member no later than one (1) month in advance.
3. WHC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages or losses incurred to the Member as a result of modification, interruption or discontinuation of this Service.

15. WHC's Liability

1. WHC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages or losses resulting from the use of this Service or the inability to use this Service due to weather or system trouble, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. Moreover, if and when assuming responsibility, WHC limits its liability to direct and nominal damages or losses except in cases of intent or gross negligence.

16. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

1. This Service and Agreement are governed by the laws of Japan. The Nagoya District Court shall be the court of first instance having jurisdiction over any disputes in regards thereto.


Established on April 11, 2005
Revised on April 1, 2014